Why financial planners need appointment scheduling software

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Why financial planners need appointment scheduling software

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Being a financial planner is no simple feat. You manage and help clients reach their goals, lead your team, monitor market fluctuations, and handle paperwork, while cycling between back-to-back meetings. All this work hinges on meeting clients in the first place, bringing scheduling into the picture. So, as a financial planner, in addition to your work, you should reach out, send emails, follow up with clients, and collect payments. That is tiring! Illustration of a woman leaning back on her chair tired to juggle different.

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Here, an appointment scheduling application like Zoho Bookings can share your burden, freeing up time for what matters the most. Why should financial planners use Zoho Bookings? Stop juggling emails Despite being a time-tested process, email-based scheduling might not be as efficient for the following reasons: Too many back and forth conversations - Sometimes it takes multiple emails to find an available time that works for all parties. Doesn't account for delayed response times .


- You deal with busy individuals (business owners, executives, athletes, and the like) who may not be swift to respond to your emails when you check for their availability. Involves a ton of repetitive manual work - Even if clients email you their availability, you still have to check your calendar, reserve a slot, and respond with the confirmed time slots for every single appointment. Complexities with rescheduling and canceling - If a client wishes to reschedule, you'll have to drudge through several emails to finalize another slot. With emails, providing financial consultations takes a back seat. This is why using Zoho Bookings can help by scheduling appointments in seconds.
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