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Who Have Business Dealings With The Company

Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2023 6:45 am
by shafikul34
Be open to new employment models Even if you re the security minded type who wants a permanent job, consider temporary and temp jobs as well. It is not uncommon for this to develop into a permanent position. Use job portals actively Don t just search through the usual online job exchanges for suitable jobs. Create a profile yourself and upload your CV. This is how recruiters can find you. send resume Use the time for thorough company research Think about which companies could be interesting employers for you.

Feel free to look beyond your previous professional horizons. This is especially true Kenya Phone Number List if you have previously worked in a sector that has been hit hard by the crisis, such as the tourism industry. In which other sectors could you be in demand with your qualifications? Who are the big players in this area? Which companies are benefiting from the crisis and need more staff? Practice video interviews It will probably be a while before we return to normal office life. And even then, it is quite possible that job interviews will continue to take place via video call. So it doesn t hurt if you start practicing your confident demeanor in video interviews now.


Prepare properly for the job interview Whether it s via video call or a classic on site appointment in the job interview you have to score with content. Prepare for the typical questions and develop convincing answers . Have good questions ready Not having any questions at the end of an interview is a real faux pas. But asking the wrong questions is an even bigger mistake. Therefore, prepare a few good questions for your future conversation partner.Score with your skills This knowledge belongs in the CV By Christina Holl on June , xing Person sitting at a desk typing on their laptop From training to your professional.