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Advantages and Disadvantages of Adobe XD that You Must Understand

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2022 6:59 am
by asfiyaporamanik125
If you want to design applications and websites, one of the tools you should know is the tools released by Adobe, namely Adobe Experience Design, or Special Database better known as Adobe XD. The emergence of Adobe XD seems to be the answer to the problems experienced by ancient designers. Yes, in the past, to design an application, designers used applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop. In fact, the two tools are not designed to create applications. And since it first appeared in 2016, Adobe XD has become a favorite of UI and UX designers.

Therefore, in this article, we will invite you, Friends of IDwebhost.Di to find out more about what Adobe XD is, along with the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe XD. So, read this article to the end, OK? Contents [ hide ] 1 Getting to know Adobe XD 1.1 Features of Adobe XD 1.1.1 UI Kits 1.1.2 Repeat Grid 1.1.3 Symbols 1.1.4 Preview 1.1.5 Export Assets 2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Adobe XD 2.1 Advantages of Adobe XD 2.1.1 Export Artwork, Assets, and Artboard 2.1.2 Prototype Management 2.1.3 Typography Styling 2.1.4 Copying From Other Design Apps 2.1.5 Blur Effects 2.1.6 Audio Playback 2.1.7 Share Mode 2.1.8 Coediting (Beta) 2.1.9 CSS Snippets in Design Specs 2.1.10 Auto Save 2.1.11 Fullscreen Prototypes 3 Disadvantages of Adobe XD 3.1 Symbol Libraries 3.2 Prototype Live Preview 4 Cover Get to know Adobe XD Adobe XD What is Adobe XD?


For those of you who have been in design, you may be more familiar with Photoshop. So less familiar with Adobe XD. As the name suggests, Adobe XD is a popular free tool used for UI/UX design. Not only UI/UX, Adobe XD can also be used for prototyping various platforms. Starting from websites, mobile phones, tablets, and many others. Adobe XD offers many options and has an intuitive interface. Next, let's briefly discuss the cool features that Adobe XD has. Features of Adobe XD UI Kits The first feature that Adobe XD has is UI Kits. UI Kits will make it easier for you to build applications and prototyping faster. You can access it via the File menu > Open Kit UI This kit will give you access to standard UI elements, found on every platform. You can visualize the appearance of the app on its native platform. Using these standard UI elements can save you time when prototyping designs.